ProtoPixel is a brand that offers a set of hardware and software technologies that enables designers to design advanced lighting scenarios. ProtoPixel solutions are used by thousands of lighting specialists and are versatile for both small projects and large-scale lighting applications. Lighting solutions developed with this technology can be implemented within existing projects quickly and easily and automated with the data we want to create increasingly immersive experiences.

Protopixel - Lighting digital control

How ProtoPixel technology works?

With ProtoPixel it is possible to automate the lights through external signals such as music, video or sensors and with the ProtoPixel app, control is at your fingertips. You can easily adapt professional lighting designs with a swipe as well as control thousands of LEDs simply and effectively. The ProtoPixel platform is compatible with all standard lighting protocols such as DMX and with integration tools such as NDI, Syphon, OSC or WebSocket. With ProtoPixel Node it is also possible to integrate all kinds of media such as videos, music, photos or data in real time and in an extremely simple and fast way. With the Node and Controller devices, you can also easily distribute and update your projects and share them with a single click.

Protopixel - Lighting Presentation

What are ProtoPixel products?

ProtoPixel Node is the beating heart of the ProtoPixel lighting experiences; a mini-computer capable of autonomously managing large-scale lighting installations, even remotely. ProtoPixel controllers are designed to meet the needs of any lighting installation without compromising stability. With a single ProtoPixel controller it is possible to manage up to 5000 RGB LED pixels. Easy to install and compatible with all major communication standards, the ProtoPixel controllers have also been designed with the latest security technology to keep your lighting projects safe.


ProtoPixel - Node

All that you need to deploy your lighting projects autonomously and control them remotely. Upload your ProtoPixel Create projects on the go, automate them, and give your clients the perfect control through our App.

8 channel controller

ProtoPixel - 8 Canali

Our high-performance controller. Hold the power of 5000 LEDs in one hand. Perfect for large-scale installations and architectural projects. Easy to connect and network, and completely configurable.


ProtoPixel Player for LED applications

The perfect device for projects that need playing light sequences. Load your ProtoPixel Create projects and use the Player’s App to easily organise your playlist.

Prodotti per l'illuminazione professionale ProtoPixel

Mini Controller Ethernet

ProtoPixel - Mini Controller Ethernet

A miniaturized Ethernet LED controller for any type of digital LED luminaire capable of handling up to 600 RGB LEDs. It can be configured together with ProtoPixel Create or ProtoPixel Node.

Mini Controller WiFi

ProtoPixel - MiniController WiFi

The wireless variant of the LED pixel controller (WiFi) for managing LEDs (up to 600 RGB LEDs). It can be used as a player of sequences stored in the microSD card or as a streaming controller.