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Dear Customer,
below you can find all information about the procedure and the conditions for the return of material to be repaired or defective.

It is essential to fill in all the fields of the following form, providing detailed information about the defect or the anomaly found. We remind you that we can handle RMA request only for material purchased from DALCNET S.r.l.

For out-of-warranty repairs, an analysis will be carried out and a repair quote sent to you. In order to proceed with the repair please sign, stamp and send us back the document for acknowledgement and acceptance.

In the event that the quote is refused, a cost for handling the repair and any shipping costs to the manufacturer will be charged.

RMA requests must be completed with the return address of the goods, a name and a reference e-mail.

To proceed with the return of the material, it is necessary to wait for our return authorization code (RMA N °) that we will communicate to you through our operator within 24 hours from your request.

This code must be applied outside of the package and must be clearly visible.


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Technical data:
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returns will not be repaired without accurate description of the defect
Please indicate the number of pieces to be repaired.

Repair with failure Analysis  
Repair with Failure Analysis involves:
OR an invoice charge of € 50.00 due to management costs
OR Longer delivery times due to failure analysis by the manufacturer
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In the event that, after a technical analysis of the manufacturer, the out of warranty material results "NOT REPAIRABLE" (and will be eliminated), the manufacturer will charge a cost of € 45.

In addition, an hourly cost for technical analysis of the manufacturer equal to € 45/h will be charged if, after such analysis, the failure results "OUT OF WARRANTY" and the cost estimate for the repair is not accepted.

Regarding the product’s repair, there is an hourly cost equal to € 55/h if, after the technical analysis of the manufacturer, the failure results "OUT OF WARRANTY" and the cost estimate for the repair is accepted. In this case, there will be no cost for the technical analysis.

Finally, a repair management cost equal to € 55 will be charged if no defect is detected after the technical analysis of the manufacturer (even if the product is under warranty).


The average repair time is 45 calendar days.

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A repair management fee of €45 will be charged if:
• after the technical analysis of the manufacturer, the out-of-warranty material is "NOT REPAIRABLE", and will be DELETED

A charge for handling the repair plus shipping will be charged, even if under warranty, equal to €55 if:
• after the technical analysis of the manufacturer, no defect is detected - "No Problem Found"
• the problem is due SOLELY to maintenance of the SOFTWARE, e.g. operating system recovery