Nicolaudie Architectural

Nicolaudie Architectural offers innovative and advanced lighting control solutions for architectural lighting applications. The offer is based on independent hardware controllers, programming software and mobile apps to ensure a complete ecosystem. The Nicolaudie group offers advanced products thanks to major investments in research and development in the control of architectural and entertainment lighting. In addition to technical support and project advice, training on Nicolaudie's DMX control solutions is also available.

Nicolaudie - DMX Lighting Control Solutions

STICK series: DMX touchscreen controller

The STICK series has been designed to offer the perfect DMX touch lighting control solution for any environment. DMX data messages are sent directly from the STICK to a DMX-compatible power supply unit ("DMX Driver"). The power supply receives the information and gives supplies power to the luminaire. In this way, LED strips can use a DMX 12V power supply. DMX messages are then transmitted to the next lighting device or DMX driver.

Nicolaudie Architectural - Serie STICK

Nicolaudie - Caratteristiche serie STICK

SLESA Series: Versatile and reliable DMX interfaces

The SLESA series offers a range of DMX interfaces from 256 up to 1024 DMX channels, covering all possible lighting applications from the simplest to the most complex where USB and Ethernet connections may be required with advanced features for high level architectural applications.

Nicolaudie Architectural - Serie SLESA


SLESA-UE7 - Nicolaudie Architectural


SLESA-U8 - Nicolaudie Architectural


SLESA-U9 - Nicolaudie Architectural


DINA Series: Rugged DMX controllers with DIN rail or 19" rack mounting

The DINA range is the most innovative and robust family of controllers for DMX lighting management. Designed for durable installations, this controller series is available in DIN-rail or 19" rack mount. Based on the latest technology from Nicolaudie Architectural, DINA's range of lighting controllers includes a variety of hardware solutions, from lean solutions to large-scale installations.