White control with DALI protocol

Dalcnet is an associated company DALI, an open communication protocol conceived for digital lighting control in an intelligent and professional way.


DALI: what it is and what it means

DALI, literally Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is an acronym used to identify an open communication standard designed for digital lighting control . It is considered among the most modern lighting control systems, easy and immediate to install and able to offer simple and smart lighting management . However, its ease of use must not be misleading: the DALI standard is in fact able to offer professional services .

DALI: how it was born

The DALI standard was developed by the main manufacturers of electronic ballasts worldwide as an open protocol and therefore represents a widespread and easy to apply system. To date, there are over 120 associated international companies such as Osram, Philips, Tridonic, Helvar, Dalcnet ...

DALI: how it works

Through the DALI standard it is possible to manage up to 64 devices , both individually and by setting groups, up to a maximum of 16 scenarios lighting . Different parameters can be memorized as well as controls such as switching on and off at a low cost.


What are the applications for DALI technology

The DALI system is designed for complex lighting applications in which the lighting is functionally such as conference rooms, shopping centers, sports centers, and theaters; DALI allows you to recall a number of preset scenarios through a simple command so that you can get the right lighting at the right time.