DMXPEN FIL ROUGE is a compact device that allows for connecting an iPad a MAC or a PC computer via USB and generate an entere DMX512A universe.

FIL-ROUGE is not just simple device but also an APP that turns your iPad into a simple consol. It interfaces directly with the device via USB cable+CAMERA KIT. This has the great advance of not having to perform and configuration or setup. Simply Plug and Play. The APP transmit also ArtNet via WiFi and can be used to operate with any other DMXPEN or ArtNet compatible device.

Technical features

  • Directly connectable to an iPad via USB cable+CAMERA KIT
  • One entire opto coupled DMX512 universe
  • USB to DMX512A conversion
  • MINI to DMX512A conversion
  • Stand Alone capabilities for internal stored shows
  • OnBoars switch allows for show sequence selection
  • 4 Opto coupled Digital Input allows for show sequence selection
  • Unibody aluminum case
  • Power Supply 5VDC – 200mA
  • Size (WxHxD): 46.5×46.5×19.5 mm


  • Datasheet
  • V 1.00 – 28/03/2016

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