Multi output server gateway for fieldbuses/Ethernet switching


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DALCNET Server Gateway

DALCNET DGM01-1248 is the new multi-output SERVER GATEWAY which operates on network level and allows to carry data packs towards filedbus communication systems such as DMX512+RDM, DALI, MODBUS, so as to provide an advanced light control. Otherwise, the gateway also allows to perform the inverse operation, that is to transfer bus (DMX512+RDM, DALI, MODBUS) data to Ethernet, or perform a data conversion (at fieldbus level) among different types of data bus. This device allows to realize a bidirectional data translation between different types of communication protocols (Ethernet, DMX512+RDM, DALI, MODBUS). Supply voltage is from 12 to 48V DC. Depending on application to which the server gateway is dedicated, each communication protocol can act as device input or output. Moreover, a button (normally open) command is available and it allows to use the gateway in stand-alone mode. DGM01 provides a WEB SERVER on which a standard application is loaded; this application allows to set up or analyze data in real time by PC, Tablet or Smartphone. With DGM01 it is possible to perform an advanced light control on network level, with the advantage to communicate between different communication buses in an intelligent mode. In fact, DGM01 is responsible for a transparent data management and bus interface and this allows an easier system configuration.



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