DALCNET LED Dimmers – EASY Series

DALCNET EASY DLC1248 is a single channel LED dimmer which represents a solution to drive constant voltage or constant current LEDs by a normally open push button, a potentiometer (1-10V), 0-10V analog signal or 1-10V analog signal. Supply voltage is from 12 to 48V DC. The output can be, depending on the version of the product, voltage (CV) or current (CC). In CV version, the output signal varies on supply voltage range and allows to drive a voltage-controlled load up to a 8A maximum output value. In CC version, the device allows to drive a current-controlled load by means of an output current value (350/500/700/950mA).
LED light intensity can be tuned by a simple normally open push button, or by 0-10V analog signal, or by 1-10V analog signal or by potentiometer (1-10V). Both CC and CV version are available for each type of light control. Switching on/off intensity curve and soft fade (Fade function) have been studied referring to human eye behaviour, so as to ensure the highest visual comfort as possible. This LED dimmer series can be applied in architectures and fitments lighting with high color rendering light, and in generic lighting.

Product Codes

N.O. Push ButtonDLC1248-1CC350 DLC1248-1CC500DLC1248-1CC700DLC1248-1CC950DLC1248-1CV
0-10V or 1-10V Analog signal & PotentiometerDLC1248-1CC350-110DLC1248-1CC500-110DLC1248-1CC700-110DLC1248-1CC950-110DLC1248-1CV-110



Latest release:
3.1 – N.O. Push Button

3.2 – 0/1-10V, Potentiometer

DatasheetCertification Voltage variant Certification Current variant Brochure
N.O. Push Button variant
0 – 10, 1 – 10 & Potentiometer variant