3 channels “RGB”


3 channels “TW”


EASY RGB is a LED dimmer able to operate as tunable white or RGB color sequencer. This LED sequencer allows to control voltage LED strips or current LED spotlights and provides a 2 or 3 channels output. It can be used to create tunable white or RGB fade effects, with time mode settable by a normally open push button. Supply voltage is from 12 to 48V DC. 2 or 3 channles output can be, depending on the version of the product, voltage (CV) or current (CC). In CV version the output signal varies on supply voltage range and allows to drive a voltage-controlled load up to about tot 5A (3×1,6A) output. In CC version, the device allows to drive a current-controlled load by means of an output current value (3×350/500/700mA). In 2 channels output version, tunable white color temperature can be adjusted by a simple normally open push button (N.O. push button). In 3 channels output version, LED light color tone can be controlled by a normally open push button (N.O. push button), by setting the rotation speed of RGB cycle or by selecting the desired color tone. Optimized regulation curve allows to achieve a soft color fade so as to ensure the highest visual comfort as possible. Depending on the version, this device allows to produce tunable white (TW) effects or RGB cycles with different rotation speeds of the color tone which can be selected by preference.

Product Codes

TW – N.O. Push Button variantDLC1248-2CC350-TWDLC1248-2CC500-TWDLC1248-2CC700-TWDLC1248-2CV-TW
RGB – N.O. Push Button variantDLC1248-3CC350-RGBDLC1248-3CC500-RGBDLC1248-3CC700-RGBDLC1248-3CV-RGB



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