New DLB DMX Firmware

DALCNET released a new version of DMX firmware (2.3.1) for the following products:

  • DLB1248-3CC-DMX
  • DLB1248-RCV-DMX
  • DLB1248-4CC-DMX
  • DLB1248-4CV-DMX

Update will bring the following main changes:

  • the minimum slots number to consider a DMX packet valid is 6; it has been lowered to allow the compatibility with some old low-cost control units that do not transmit correctly the 512 DMX slots
  • the management of the selectors has been corrected: if it was present one of the internal jumpers A, B, C, D., the redirection mode was activated on the basis of the chart on DMX manual, with the addresses of 6 in 6 (1->1, 2->7, 3->13, ….)