The LAMPeON dimmer of the light on demand series is a product studied for external lighting applications, and for street lighting especially. LAMPeON works in stand-alone mode: it operates autonomously dimming the light on pre-define schedules based on on/off times. All necessary components are integrated in the unit ( it has got an integrated microprocessor ). There is no need of further maintenance works: no need of battery replacement or re-synchronization. A control line is not required to reduce the luminous flux, because it is directly connected to its power supply. It can measure the burning time and store it on the internal memory. It has optional internal or external sensor which reduces the output power in case of over-temperature.

UNIQUE FEATURE: there is no need of providing an auxiliary power supply; the necessary power to work on is in fact harvested on the load.

LAMPeON works on a virtual midnight, calculated on the time laps between sunset and sunrise. It is possible to program a minimum working level, from 50% to 70%. At the sunset the power goes to maximum level, until the internal timer reaches a pre-programme virtual hour ( Time 2 ) and the power goes to the minimum level. When the internal timer reaches a pre-programme virtual hour ( Timer 3 ) the power rises to the maximum level until the sunrise. The rise and fall time between power levels can be adjusted from 5 minutes ( default ) to half an hour ( option ).