The Jump Start is a handy product for testing and programming of MDX512/RDM devices. It allows to set each channel at one level or to do linear variations. Jump Start has got internal memory to store the desined channel setting. It is possible to choose among different functions: power off time, scroll speed and RDM for example. Jump Start is also simply used as MDX tester.

Technical features

  • Output protocol: DMX512
  • RDM V1.0
  • Ring mode function: possibility to set each single channel at one level
  • Ring mode function: possibility to set all channels at one level
  • Possibility to setting the channels to a specific value or change the channels to a ramping value
  • Programming RDM
  • LED Display with high brightness
  • Possibility to reset the device
  • Power Supply: 2 AA battery
  • Size (LxWxH): 95x65x28 mm


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